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The gift set includes a variety of savory snacks and condiments. It features a 12-can soft-sided cooler, making it a perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts. The set also includes a selection of high-quality meats such as 2 - 0.9oz bison meat sticks, 1 - 0.9oz bison chipotle meat stick, 1 - 8oz elk salami baltic style summer sausage, 1 - 8oz venison summer sausage, 1 - 8oz elk smoked bierwurst summer sausage, and 1 - 8oz wild boar krakow salami summer sausage. In addition to the meats, there are three different types of 4oz cheese bars included: sharp cheddar, jalapeno pepper, and smoked Swiss. To complement the meats and cheeses, the gift set also includes two 1.4oz jars of mustard - one stone ground and one sweet 'n hot. Overall, this gift set offers a delicious and diverse selection of meats, cheeses, and condiments that would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys the taste of adventure.